GNGF Junior Golfers

The Guam Junior Golf League’s (GJGL) committee remains committed in the development of our Junior Golfers and the Guam Junior Golf program by improving the quality of our junior tournament events and fostering a strong working relationship with the Guam National Golf Federation (GNGF). We invite Critical to the success will be active participation of all parents and guardians (of Junior Golfers). We are always in need of volunteers during the tournament events (driver/score keeper, marshals, fund raising, donation of refreshments, etc.).

If you have any questions regarding the above, please send us an email at

Date Event
September 30, 2018 Guam Junior Golf League’s (GJGL) Kickoff Tournament *
October Mangilao Fun Run Golf Gathering Event
Child and Parent must be a registered volunteer for the Mangilao Fun Run August 25, 2018 (Saturday)
November Junior World Qualifying Event *
November 25, 2018 Parent / Child best ball tournament
December Junior World Qualifying Event *
December 9, 2018 Christmas Team Event
January 2019 Junior World Qualifying event (2-day event) *
February 2019 Junior World Qualifying Event (2-day event) *
March 24, 2019 GJGL Monthly Tournament
April 2019 GJGL / GNGF Guam Junior Championship (2-day event) *

* There will be a non-competitive division catered to the developmental golfers

Note: Invitations to off island events will be filled using National Junior Golf Team Standings.